ReliOn Blood Glucose Test Strips for Self Testing | 100 Count


$35 $45


Monitor your blood glucose levels quickly and affordably with ReliOn Premier Blood Glucose Test Strips. Our blood glucose test strips allow you to easily and accurately measure the glucose levels in your blood, with no coding required. With 100 test strips per box, you'll have enough to quickly and conveniently check your blood glucose levels whenever you need. Don't leave your health up to chance, use ReliOn Premier Blood Glucose Test Strips, the test strips you can rely on. ReliOn understands all the ways diabetes touches your life. With affordable, reliable products and total lifestyle support, ReliOn helps you be your best you.

  • Premier blood glucose test strips
  • No coding required
  • For use with ReliOn Premier family of blood glucose meters
  • For in vitro diagnostic use only
  • For single-patient use only
  • Store between 34-86 degrees Fahrenheit and 20-80% relative humidity
  • Tightly recap test strip vial immediately after use
  • Discard used test strips safely in appropriate containers
  • Do not reuse test strips
  • 100 test strips per box

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