Nicorette Gum 4mg White Ice Mint 100 pieces


$59 $69


  • One package of 160 pieces of Nicorette 4mg Nicotine Gum to Quit Smoking - White Ice Mint Flavored Stop Smoking Aid
  • Stop smoking aids reduce intense cravings while giving you the pleasant relief of chewing
  • With a therapeutic nicotine formula that is slowly absorbed through the lining of your mouth, this quit smoking aid allows you to control daily nicotine intake
  • Quit smoking products designed to help relieve the cravings, anxiety, frustration, irritability and restlessness associated with quitting smoking
  • Use this 4mg Nicorette gum if you smoke your first cigarette within 30 minutes of waking up.
  • Made with a patented dual-coated technology that releases a burst of refreshing White Ice Mint flavor
  • Chew at least nine pieces of this stop smoking gum daily for the first six weeks of a 12-week quit program with behavioral support

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