Nicorette Coated Nicotine 4mg Stop Smoking Aid Ice Mint 80 Lozenges


$60 $70


  • Four packages of 20 Nicorette 4 mg Coated Nicotine Lozenges to Help Quit Smoking - Ice Mint Flavored Stop Smoking Aid
  • These quit smoking lozenges reduce intense cravings while giving you the pleasant taste of mint flavor
  • Stop smoking aids that help you control nicotine intake while reducing withdrawal symptoms
  • Nicorette Ice Mint lozenge that has a coated outer shell for a smoother texture and a bold Ice Mint flavor that lasts longer than a craving
  • Use these nicotine replacement products if you smoke your first cigarette within 30 minutes of waking up
  • Smoking cessation lozenges packaged in an on-the-go dispenser for convenient use
  • Use at least nine of these quit smoking aids per day for the first six weeks and complete the entire 12-week program to help your quit stick

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