Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label Eau de Toilette 3.3 oz


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For all the free-spirited men who want to show the world their charm, we have the Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label men's Eau de Toilette. The fresh scent with a touch of rebellion will highlight your effortlessly self and will delight you with its spicy, woody notes with elements of grapefruit and davana. This unconventional men's fragrance combines three distinctive elements that complement each other perfectly.
Blue Label Pour Homme by Givenchy 3.3 oz
  • A spicy, woody scent full of freshness
  • An ideal complement for the active, dynamic man
  • Stands out best in the warmer months
  • Right at the beginning, the freshness of grapefruit appears, into which aromatic davana is immediately mixed.
  •  As the last essence, which is most evident in the final drydown, you will recognise the smoky notes of incense. 

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