Force Factor Leanfire Control - 30 capsules


$75 $85


  • SUPPRESS APPETITE: LeanFire Control features a clinically-studied, fast-acting crave control compound called supresa, which works to suppress your appetite and reduce hunger so you can take control of your cravings.
  • CURB CRAVINGS: Supresa works synergistically with other time-tested ingredients such as white kidney bean extract and Garcinia cambogia to further help you overcome cravings, which are often the biggest barriers to effective results.
  • REDUCE SNACKING: Supresa has been shown in a clinical studies to decrease snacking by a significant amount compared to a placebo. As part of the absolute control matrix, supresa enables you to minimize snacking between meals and resist empty calories.
  • INCREASE ENERGY: Also included are green tea leaf extract and zumxr, a premium form of extended release caffeine that provides a boost of clean, long-lasting energy to help you stay motivated and fight the tiring effects of diet fatigue.

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