Emergen-C Energy Plus Blueberry Acai 18 Count


$52.99 $62.99


Focus your mind and revitalize your body with Natural Caffeine from Green Tea.The powder-packed formula is made with Vitamin C to help support your immune system.Emergen-C Energy+ comes in a deliciously fizzy burst of natural, real fruit flavors.Emergen-C Energy+ can be paired up with other Emergen-C products as part of your daily routine.

The product price to make sure you are receiving this product from the manufacturer of Emergen-C to ensure proper product dating.Emergen-C Energy+ is bursting with natural, real fruit flavors, and it is available in 3 deliciously fizzy options: bold-flavored Blueberry-A?ai, powder-packed Lemon-Lime, and fruity Mango-Peach. Even better, Emergen-C Energy+ can be paired up with your favorite Emergen-C products.

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