ConairCare Infrared Forehead Thermometer


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Get fast, accurate temperature readings in seconds with the easy-to-use Infrared ConairCare® Forehead Thermometer. FDA cleared for personal and professional use, this clinical thermometer accurately measures the temperature of the forehead. Compact and convenient, this one-touch digital thermometer is the perfect size for keeping in your nightstand and for easy portability. Tuck it into a purse, travel bag, or car for anytime temperature checks that help you maintain your peace of mind wherever you go. It offers advanced built-in features like temperature Memory Function to track the course of a fever with up to 12 stored readings and Fever Alert to indicate low- and high-grade fevers. Take the guesswork out of middle-of-the-night readings with the vibrating ready alert and extra-large, easy-view LED number display. Monitoring your family's wellness with regular temperature readings takes only seconds per person. This innovative, noninvasive thermometer uses infrared technology to gather data, making readings fast, gentle, and stress-free. With the press of one button, body temperature is determined, and a gentle vibration moves the unit to let you know it's ready. No more long waits, uncomfortable under-the-tongue holds, or straining to see tiny numbers. The battery-operated forehead thermometer has a jumbo LED readout that displays your reading clearly. Stay vigilant and stay healthy with the fast, easy, accurate clinical electronic thermometer from ConairCare®—wellness made easy. •Clinical Electronic Thermometer: Infrared thermometer is FDA cleared for home and professional use. •Extra-Large LED Display: Temperature readings appear in extra-large, bright numbers on the front of the thermometer for read-in-the-dark ease. •Fever Alert: 2 temperature alert settings indicate low- and high-grade fever. •Memory Function: Stores 12 readings for easy fever tracking. •Ease to Use: Press the button, touch the thermometer to the forehead, then press the button a second time and the device will gently vibrate and display the temperature. •Temperature Range (F°/C°): Measures between 89.6°F - 109.4°F (32°C - 43°C). •Battery Operated: Uses 2 AAA batteries (included). •3-Year Limited Warranty: Designed for optimal reliability and durability, this thermometer is built to last and covered under warranty for a full 3 years.

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