Burberry For Women Eau de Parfum 3.3 fl oz


$95 $130


Burberry For Women has been wowing women worldwide since its debut in 1995. Michel Almairac is the creator of Burberry Women. This renowned perfumer has worked with some of the top perfume houses in the world having 173 scents under his belt. If you’re looking for an exceptional floral fragrance that’s sophisticated and feminine, Burberry Women is an excellent choice. It’s an excellent perfume for the chic woman who wants to embrace her feminine side in a sweet, subtle way. It’s a refreshing scent perfect for everyday wear but can also strike a high-end note. One of the main aspects of Burberry Women is that it evolves over the day, starting with decadent apricot and peach scents then moving to sandalwood and vanilla as time goes on.

Burberry Parfum Burberry For Women Eau de Parfum 3.3 fl oz

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