Burberry Brit For Him by Burberry Eau de Toilette 3.3 fl oz


$89.99 $120


Burberry Brit for Men has been a renowned scent over the years. The versatility in the range of fragrances that Burberry produces offers different options for men to select from. Burberry’s bespoke quality makes it second to none. The Burberry Brit for Him review is a guide for anyone who prefers to have a plush and sophisticated feeling after dressing their favorite perfume. Antoine Maisondieu created Burberry Brit in 2004. The luxurious scent is formulated with three undertone layers making it exceptionally intense. The notes are fused with elegance, as the top notes give Burberry fans a mixture of bergamot, ginger, cardamom, and green mandarin. The second layer is a blend between cedar, spice, nutmeg, and wild rose. To top it off, the base notes are cedar, oriental woodsy, patchouli, and gray musk. Mixing these notes creates a luxe and leathery fragrance, a face-turning scent for men. Burberry Brit for Him gives the final touch of a woody-spicy leather scent.

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